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Sovereignty lies to Almighty.

I hardly comment on peoples post on Facebook but whenever I do, it ends into a debate or sometimes people stop replying.

I think people just don't want to know the truth and want themselves to remain in their fake comfort zones thinking that there is no better life other than what they are living now.

One more discussion on Facebook ends abruptly...

Varun Kumar:

"An earthly kingdom cannot exist without inequality of persons. Some must be free, some serfs, some rulers, some subjects."
- Martin Luther King.

I am quoting it here in context of people who think that merciless punishment and stricter laws will do any good.It never has, It never will.

The world will always have the rapists{and other similar social evils}, and protesting violently and vehemently is never gonna change anything.

Its like trying to cure a disease which never has any cure.All we can do is take precautions, to make sure that we don't fall prey to the disease.We can never save women from rapists. All we can do is ask them to take measures to make sure they don't become victim to a disease which they could have avoided...

The more we protest, the more rapists will find this crime to be psychologically overpowering and satisfying. Rape is one of the easiest to perform crimes and also has a high instant psychological gratification and when performed carefully can be absolutely untraceable...

People are being absurd by giving more media coverage to these events. All they are ending up doing is, making rape a forbidden fruit, and sooner or later someone will pluck the forbidden fruit. If they had not blown it out of proportion, maybe the no of rapes this year would have gone down.

Silly media

It's absolutely true that earthly kingdom cannot exist without inequality, there has to be inequality, there will be rich and poor, there will be diseases and well-being, there will be death and life, there will be all different kind of crimes. But all these things can be reduced a lot if a proper way of governance is establish. The governance where the sovereignty lies not to our corrupt, greedy and selfish rulers but it lies to the almighty, our creator and the creator of our universe and all the things that surround us, the only one and only one God.

The Reason.
When you believe in him and the sovereignty lies to him, you fear him and you fear the consequences of your wrong doings and when you do good, you trust him for you being blessed with something good in this life and even in hereafter.

Now, our world is full of Godless people who believe that the life is created from a 'Random Disaster' occurred somewhere, due to which they fear no one, the don't fear that they will be judged on what they do, they believe this is the life and we have to live the way we want, they don't believe and just can't imagine that the one God who gave them this life is capable of giving them again and will make them accountable for what they did in this life. They think if they are son/daughter of some millionaire they can accomplish their own selfish desires by hook or by crook like by raping someone, killing someone, looting someone, bribing someone and can get out of the prison again by shelling huge amount to lawyers, to judges and to our other government servants.

Why the crime is rampant all over the world is just because of this reason. People has started to think religion as a traditional way of worshiping a guy called God who they think doesn't exist. They have never tried to read and understand the book the one from above sent to them to understand life and live happily and in a 'just' manner according to the rules designed by him. They never tried to explore the way he has told us to establish the government and punish people if they don't obey his rules. We the people only believed that book to be a set of verses that needs to be recited during our examination to get good marks, during our difficult times to get ease, during our poverty to get riches. And when we realized that the miracle of these verses stopped, we threw it in the corner to gather dust and said that a crazy human wrote this book.

And so when we left his book, we left him, and that Guy from above has left us on our own to live in this brutal, unjust world, with rules designed by our own corrupt, monstrous people to satisfy their own selfish desires.

Our world will never ever again going to attain peace and justice, unless we go back to the One who created us and ask for forgiveness and understand the rules designed by him and follow them and pledge our sovereignty back to him.

It is high time that we, the youth understand this because those who are on the thrones right now, won't care because they have what they want.

But I know this is just another article which will flushed out from the other ear because we are studying Masters and phds in top institutes, we are doctors, engineers, lawyers, we have fat packages to live a life of luxuries and we still don't care of the people getting raped or killed other than just liking them and condemning them on Facebook from the comfort of our chair and an AC cabin. We have become those mindless zombies following our daily routine still believing that world will come to an end by a zombie apocalypse unleashed by some secret organization or some giant meteor from the space.

Varun Kumar:
I didn't read much of it since it was way too long, but i get a feeling that you are suggesting that evolutionists/atheists are usually involved in these kind of crimes... I highly doubt that, Evolutionists/atheists usually have a higher IQ than ordinary people who can be brainwashed in the name of religion, they also usually have a better sense of compassion and conscience despite the lack of god-fearing nature. Most of the crimes are usually by religious extremists. Atheists/evolutionists are usually busy understanding universe/science/math or their own lives.

Hmmm... I know you don't want to start a discussion on this, other wise this wouldn't have been your answer, and you, who can write something bigger than this tells me that you can't read, I can't digest that.
And if it is not so, I prefer you read it completely and then this won't be your answer.

You 'have' to read the previous comment completely to understand what I meant and I hardly respond to something but when I do it is quite lengthy & full of examples.

I didn't said those 'evolutionist' do this, ofcourse they have far more better things to do. 

Why do you think people get brainwashed only by religion, why can't they be brainwashed by the theories presented by these so called evolutionist. And I'm sure no religion preaches to rape someone or kill an innocent. And if you see any of them doing it, don't think them to be religious, they are doing it for their own selfish desires.

Take an example of a father and his child. A child with a fear of his father scolding or beating won't do something bad and will try to do something good to get a reward. I am sure you might have experienced this as a kid.

Now our godless society which has been brainwashed by the theories of evolution which tries to say there is no God, fear nobody and so when a person don't fear anybody he will do what he wills, some of them who are intellectuals which are very few try to understand life and the purpose of their existence and others do crazy stuff to satisfy their selfish desires by killing, looting and raping. Our world is full of such people.

Forget God for now, let us take our own example on a traffic signal, till the cop stays on the signal everybody obeys with a fear of paying fine but as soon as he goes away, whatever the traffic lights are, Do people obey rules? Now among them there are few who likes to stick on ethics and stop on the signal even if the cop is not there, so what those without ethics do? Honk from behind, curse them, abuse them and tell them to move on.

This is what is happening all over the world. The real intellectuals have become idiots, traditional, extremists, etc. and the idiots started taking pride in themselves and call themselves to be modern, hi-fi, etc forcing others to accept the new Godless life.

Give a thought.


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