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Brainy Walk

Any one using a Windows computer will know some basic features of the system, like My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, and many more...

I would like to share one of the nice feature of this powerful device, comparing it with our real life example. It is the "Recent Documents" which helps us to keep a track of all the recent activities we did, like stored a file, viewed a file, played a song, some movie etc...

Reaching office this morning, I was wondering how God carefully designed our brain, considering the smallest details which help us to remember things, keep track of them, and triggers it to remind us of certain events, that happened in past.

I was walking to office from my Home in Chennai to my Office. It is a 15 minute walk. But in these 15 minutes, my brain observed things which I was discussing the previous day with my roommate.

I was walking casually thinking how to solve some problem in the code, but No sooner I saw some lady, my eyes automatically started scanni…

Chennaiyaa... :D

When I came to Chennai and joined the company, I wasn't aware that I'll be in the city among aliens speaking alien language, or saying in a better way, I wasn't aware that I'll be an odd one out.

Like every fresher joining a new company, I was doing the same, greeting everyone, smiling at an eye contact, trying to befriend people. Days passed, I was assigned to project, I made friends but still I felt disconnected. The reason was, everyone around me talked in the language Alien to me, i.e. 'Tamil'. The Technical discussion also usually happened in Tamil, they cracked jokes in Tamil, and also laughed in Tamil. :P

When all this was happening, I felt an urge to learn Tamil.
I started learning with some basic stuff like counting numbers,


"Unga peru enna?"(What is your name?), "Evalavu?"(How Much?)
and my favourite "Teri Yaad Tamil" which means "I don't know Tamil"…

Losing the vision... :D

This incident occurred when I was doing my Masters a year back and was living in a hostel, I shared this on FB when I wasn't blogging, thought to share here because my blog seem to be very empty and needed some content... ;) :D

Well, here it goes....

As usual I woke up this morning, opened my eyes and was petrified. I realised I couldn’t see. I closed my eyes and tried once again to open them and see but in vain. The first thought came to my mind was, is it still dark? I turned to the window to see if it was dark, and can see light coming in but the vision was blurry. Fear started swathing me, I started shuddering, weird thoughts plugged my mind, and I went into a state of quandary. What was happening to my eyes? Did I lose my vision? Is it because I spend a lot of time on computers? Am I dreaming or is it happening in real.

I cried for my roommate timidly, he got up from him sleep and asked me what had happened, I asked him the time, he fumbled for his cell phone, it is 6:30, sai…

A Trek to Remember...

Tic Tac, Tic Tac
Goes the footsteps,

Calm Drizzling night,
Empty Roads,
Howling Dogs, that quivered the body,
But, Fresh & Energetic,
Confident & Fearless,

Tic Tac, Tic,Tac
Goes the foot steps.

It was the Calm drizzling night, the roads were empty, howling of the dogs created a quiver in the whole body. No one dares to move out of their homes at 2:00AM. With the heavy luggage on the shoulders wearing a pants which resembles a military guy, I was moving alone on the streets to reach a place where all other people of similar interest as mine were going to gather.

It has been just 2 months since I'm in Chennai, and was out for an adventure. An adventure which I was unaware about, unaware about the dangers, unaware about the wildlife, unaware about the people I'm going to accompany. A place not known to me but most frequently visited by the CTC. It was a trek to Nagala East, which I was ready to pursue. ;)

We left for Nagala in a mini bus, full of "mosquitoes" :D.Yeah!! …