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Chennaiyaa... :D

When I came to Chennai and joined the company, I wasn't aware that I'll be in the city among aliens speaking alien language, or saying in a better way, I wasn't aware that I'll be an odd one out.

Like every fresher joining a new company, I was doing the same, greeting everyone, smiling at an eye contact, trying to befriend people. Days passed, I was assigned to project, I made friends but still I felt disconnected. The reason was, everyone around me talked in the language Alien to me, i.e. 'Tamil'. The Technical discussion also usually happened in Tamil, they cracked jokes in Tamil, and also laughed in Tamil. :P

When all this was happening, I felt an urge to learn Tamil.
I started learning with some basic stuff like counting numbers,


"Unga peru enna?"(What is your name?), "Evalavu?" (How Much?)
and my favourite "Teri Yaad Tamil" which means "I don't know Tamil" :P

After learning this much I started beleiving it was enough to talk basic stuff with people. So one day I went to a provision store. It was too crowded. I observed people how they talk there. Gaining some confidence, I took out my list and started speaking in Tamil.

Orre, detergent powder,
Randd, Five Star,
Orre, cirriya(small) Bread,
and some more....

The shopkeeper gave me all things I asked, correctly, I was very excited, I was standing there with a big smile on my face, as if I had won a battle.
The shopkeeper told "something rupayaa something", I asked "Enna?"(What?) he said again but I realised this was something I've not mugged up but somehow I felt he is telling me the amount, so I calculated the amount and paid him and was waiting for him to give me the change back.

Meanwhile, when all this was happening some lady standing on the left side of me was continously speaking "naka something something, illa something something". I looked at her puzzled. I thought she might be singing some "Tamil" song, I avoided her and was busy again dumping my stuff in the bag. A guy, standing right to me realizd I am a newbee.

He called me(in English) and told me "Dyuuuude!! that lady-aa, is telling-aa youuu, to move-aa, she want to leave-aaa."

My mouth was wide open. :-O
I couldn't stop myself laughing.... :D :D 


  1. haha..bhai I have only one wish for you..Dont kill anyone out of frustration! :D

  2. wow, i was able to visulaize the scence like exactly how it happened, Gr8 narration.... And hats off for your effort!!!!!!!!!


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