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Leaving office, stressed out but extremely happy on completing a project, I decided to go to the beach along with my friend; to spend some time away from this maddening life and get some fresh air. I even expected watching the sun descend slowly and disappear over the horizon of the Bay of Bengal. Reaching there, I realized that Bay of Bengal is in the east and I cannot bid a goodbye, but can only welcome the rising sun in the morning. 

I was sitting there quietly, with my legs sprawled out in front of me, sometimes gazing at the infinite sky and sometimes watching the waves weave into each other. Strong cold breeze from the sea blew on my face and through my hair, taking all my fear, stress and anxiety with them. The cool waves touched my feet and subsided almost as quickly as they rose. Relaxing there, I sensed a feeling of freedom I had never experienced before.

 A bit further, I saw some little boys and girls building sand castles. Within no time, the waves would wipe out what they had built but it did not shatter their spirits. In fact, it seemed as if they were waiting for the tides to wash them off so that they could start building better ones again.

 On my other side, there was a beautiful young couple lying down on their backs, talking and laughing, nudging each other, having fun in their own world. They didn’t care where the world was heading or what people may think about them. But I feared these were the only few moments they will be enjoying. As soon as they leave this place, they will be back in the rush, the rush to survive in the envious world.
I was already floating in the ocean of my own thoughts. Just then my friend heaved a sigh of relief which brought me back to the shore.

“It feels so good sitting here on the beach; enjoying watching the far horizon, isn’t it?” I asked him.

“Ya, I’ve never felt so peaceful before. Good you suggested that we should come here,” he replied.
"We never get to see such horizon in the cities. They open our soul to a different dimension!" I exclaimed.

 He preferred staying quiet. I don't know what was going on in his mind, whether he was feeling the same way or observing the same things which I did. But one thing was clear, he was feeling different and light. Nature has its own secret way of lifting your mood instantly. At that moment I realized to be Happy and Peaceful is the attribute of nature, simple and soothing, away from the worldly pleasures which may give you a luxurious life but no tranquility.
Suddenly, my mind was flooded with questions, questions to which i had no answer......

“Why are we here in this world? What is the purpose of our existence?”

“How can we endure a peaceful life, life free from agony?”
“Is this the life, the way we are living, are supposed to live?”

“Are we in this world to earn the luxuries of the world by destroying our peace of mind, by challenging our limits and then leave this beautiful place, empty hands?”

“What is the thing that will help us to achieve the eternal happiness and tranquility?”

I believe the day we find the key to these questions, we will find TRANQUILITY!!


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